Alamance County 4-H’ers Win at Recent Livestock Judging Contest

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Alamance County 4-H recently competed in the Judging in January Livestock Judging Contest on January 27, 2018 hosted by the North Carolina Junior Hereford Association. Alamance County 4-H entered two junior teams and a senior that competed with another county’s team. There were 94 junior contestants, 22 junior teams, 84 senior contestants, and 18 senior teams entered in the contest. This is the 5th year Alamance County 4-H has entered youth into the Judging in January Contest.

Alamance A Team members were Salem Sifford, Aiden Kernodle, Hope Andrews, and Tyler Dodson. Alamance B Team members were Gracie Hadley, Leah Black, and Lane Whitfield. Senior contestant was Madison Sifford.

Team Results

Alamance A Team was 3rd in meat goats, 12th in sheep, 2nd in swine, 2nd in beef cattle, 3rd in oral reasons, and 1st high team overall. Alamance B Team was 13th in meat goats, 19th in sheep, 13th in swine, 14th in beef cattle, 10th in oral reasons, and 14th high team overall. Madison Sifford’s senior team placed 6th in meat goats, 15th in sheep, 5th in swine, 5th in beef cattle, 4th in oral reasons, and 4th high team overall.

Alamance A Team (left to right): Coach Lauren Langley, Salem Sifford, Hope Andrews, Tyler Dodson, Aiden Kernodle, and Melanie Fishel, NC Junior Hereford Association President

Individual Results

 All of our youth did exceptionally well for their respective knowledge and experience. Listed below are the individuals that placed in the top ten.

Salem Sifford placed 1st overall in beef cattle, 8th in meat goats, 9th in swine, 4th in oral reasons, and 2nd high individual overall. Aiden Kernodle placed 4th in meat goats, and 8th in swine.

Alamance County 4-H Youth Livestock Members: Tyler Dodson, Madison Sifford, Salem Sifford, Hope Andrews, Gracie Hadley, Leah Black, Lane Whitfield, Aiden Kernodle

The full contest results can be found online here:

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